Legion M is using disruptive new equity crowdfunding laws to build an entertainment company owned by FANS. Why? Because fans are the ones that buy the tickets, pay the subscriptions, and decide what to watch. Our wallets and eyeballs fuel a multi-trillion dollar global industry.  


Individually we are consumers. Together we have the power to shape the future.


We founded Legion M because we believe the JOBS act created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future of Hollywood. Join our quest to build the World's First FAN-OWNED Entertainment Company, and help us create the next great media powerhouse.

I invest in big ideas, and Legion M is as big as they come. Successful media companies are often measured in billions of dollars, and I believe this has potential to be one of the greats. I’ve invested in Paul and Jeff before and with Legion M I’m betting on them again.
— Terry Moore, Chairman VC RoundTable and Investor in Legion M


Before you invest in Legion M (or any company for that matter!) we recommend doing your own independent research. The articles below are a great starting point. We also encourage you to join the Legion (it's free!) which will get you access to our members-only Facebook group and forums. It's a great way to hear from some of our existing shareholders and see for yourself what Legion M is all about.

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When you invest in a startup, you are investing in a vision. You are LITERALLY creating jobs, altering the course of the future, and making your mark on history. Every great company -- from Walt Disney to Facebook -- started with entrepreneurs and investors who were crazy enough to try something no one else had done before. 

We believe a Legion of fans has the power to shape the future of entertainment. We're investing our time, money, jobs and careers to build something truly revolutionary. If you share our vision, please JOIN THE LEGION and help us change the world!