Our Second Worldwide Toast
6:00 PM18:00

Our Second Worldwide Toast

Join Legion M as we raise a glass and toast reaching $2+ MM and over 4000+ new investors! 

Legion M is celebrating another milestone and we want to welcome everyone to this live, interactive virtual video Shindig!  

Register for the event here, and come back on September 27th, turn on your webcams and be a part of this event.  

RSVP and attend the Shindig using the same link: https://gateway.shindig.com/event/legionmworldwidetoast2

UPDATE 9/29/17: Watch the live stream recording here on our YouTube page, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wScdkJw0Qic

00:00 Damian intros Shindig
01:45 Jeff and Paul talk about SEC filings and the Jobs Act and transparency.
07:55 Toast to celebrate the close of our second round.
11:17 Overview of what Jeff and Paul will talk about during the shindig
12:20 Conspicuous Valour Awards
17:17 New Advisory Board Member: Andrew Cosby
20:24 First Inning Successes including Colossal, Field Guide to Evil, money raised, etc.
28:00 Discussion about revenue for Legion M.
34:54 Areas for Improvement
38:10 The Secret Master Plan
45:30 SCOUT tool
50:27 MEETUP MAKER tool
51:41 Volunteer Ringleader
54:20 Going Forward Strategy Review
1hr:00 Big Rocks: Grow the Legion, Grow Revenue, Level Up Projects, Unlock the Legion
1hr:08 Goals for you as Investors
1hr:12 Slate Strategy with Terri and David

1hr:34 Events and other Experiences
1hr:36 Q&A
2hr Wrap Up

About Shindig:

This live event is designed to be interactive and engaging so turn on your webcams and mics for a fully interactive experience! For first timers to the Shindig platform make sure you watch the 60 second short video when asked when you enter the event to get an overview of the platform. Your computer may ask you if it is ok to turn on your webcam and mic allowing you to interact with fellow attendees and your host. Make sure you say "yes" if asked if you want that experience. if you dont have a webcam or do not enable that is fine..you can still participate!

You may attend via a smart phone or tablet by accessing it via the Shindig 2 Pro App available on IOS and Android. You cannot attend via a smartphone browser.

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