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Facebook Live Update

Business Time with Paul and Jeff

In this Business Time Facebook livestream, Jeff and Paul go over everything from Legion M’s current investment status to projects like Pitch Elevator and Field Guide to Evil, despite Jeff breaking his glasses at the top of the half-hour.  They also answer questions from the public about our film festival plans and the shipping of our auction items. Check the Table of Contents below for other subjects that you always wanted to know about, but never had a chance to ask.

32:31 – Total Length in Minutes              

Table of Contents                                                                                   

30:30 – Update on Investments              

29:30 – Update on Pitch Elevator

26:47 – Troll Force One Explanation and Strategy

19:19 – Jeff Shoots His Eye Out

19:06 – Information on Legion M Volunteer Coordinator

17:40 – Film Festival Plans and Ideas for Fantastic Fest and Sundance

15:33 – New Domain is Officially Ours!

12:45 – Nerdist Article: “A Colossal First Year for Legion M”

11:52 – Questions from the Public Start and are Answered

11:49 – Does Legion M Plan to be at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con This Year?

10:49 – Any News on New Possible Projects?

9:10 – Does Legion M Plan to go Public on NASDAQ and Will My Shares Go Up in Price?

6:46 – Legion M’s Top Secret Master Plan Released

5:12 – How is Field Guide to Evil Coming Along?

4:25 – ETA for Tribute Books and Photo Mosaic Posters

2:56 – Update on eBay Auction Items

1:54 – Plan to Post Business Time Videos on Legion M’s Website’s News Section and Call for Scribes for these Videos

0:10 – Onward and Upward Sign-Off

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Facebook Live Update
Later Event: August 30
Facebook Live Update