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For most companies, green-light decisions are made by a very small group of executives. They rely on gut feelings and intuition. When making decisions as a group, they have to contend with politics and social dynamics (e.g. Who has the most power in the group? Who is the most vocal?) which can heavily influence these decisions.

We believe there’s a better way. At Legion M, we use the WISDOM OF THE CROWD whenever possible. We’re constantly developing tools, systems, and strategies that allow us to leverage our largest asset — our community of passionate fans — when making our decisions.


Consider the challenge of scouting films at film festival where you have dozens of movies screening over a very short period of time. These films typically come from all over the world, and are in all different stages of development — from encore presentations to worldwide premieres. Many of the films are so new that they don’t even have trailers. Our team on the ground will only have the opportunity to watch a handful of these films. How do they determine what to watch? How do you judge a book that doesn’t even have a cover?

For Legion M, we turn to our secret weapon. We provide a simple interface that allows our community to rate and evaluate the trailers and information available for each film. This is done online so EVERYONE in the Legion can participate. These ratings, when aggregated across all the scouting reports, provide us with data that we can use to focus our efforts.

The same process repeats for scouts who are AT the festival itself. By aggregating ratings and reviews from Legion M scouts at the festival, we ensure that we don’t miss any hidden gems, and receive data that we can use to make decisions.


The first thing we ask each scout to share are their PERSONAL feelings about the movie/trailer. This information is important, as the opinions of our community factor heavily into every decision we make (please see the article How Does Legion M Select Projects). There’s no right or wrong answer here — everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and each is as valid as the next. This is art after all — how boring would it be if we all liked the same thing!

However, in addition to having scouts personally rate each movie/trailer, we also ask them to PREDICT how OTHERS will rate it. That’s because while everyone has an opinion, the true measure of a scout is their ability to predict what OTHERS will think. In addition to giving us insight into the opinions of our community, the SCOUT system also helps us identify those in the Legion that truly “have their finger on the pulse”, so we can invite them to join our ELITE SCOUT team.


We believe scouting is a skill that can be developed over time. If you’re interested in developing yours, we want YOU in the SCOUT program, where we’ll help hone your talent and put it to good use for the benefit of Legion M!

Just fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you when the next SCOUT opportunity comes around. In the meantime, you should go ahead and mark Thursday Jan 24 through Sunday Jan 27, which are the first four days of Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah. Legion M is planning to be there—and we’d love to see you!!

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