Worldwide Toast (Part Deux) and Update

Jeff and Paul raised a glass with Legion M investors in Northern California and around the world in this investor community-wide Shindig hosted by ringleader Damian to celebrate the successful close of our last round of financing.  They then went into a deep dive of the company’s financial status as well as all the projects and events we have planned for the future with executives Terri and David. Check out the Table of Contents for all the subjects we went over during the discussion and watch the live recording below.

legion m worldwide toast live group

Table of Contents

00:00 Damian intros Shindig

01:45 Jeff and Paul talk about SEC filings and the Jobs Act and transparency.

07:55 Toast to celebrate the close of our second round.

11:17 Overview of what Jeff and Paul will talk about during the shindig

12:20 Conspicuous Valour Awards

17:17 New Advisory Board Member: Andrew Cosby

20:24 First Inning Successes including Colossal, Field Guide to Evil, money raised, etc.

28:00 Discussion about revenue for Legion M.

34:54 Areas for Improvement

38:10 The Secret Master Plan

45:30 SCOUT tool

50:27 MEETUP MAKER tool

51:41 Volunteer Ringleader

54:20 Going Forward Strategy Review

1hr:00 Big Rocks: Grow the Legion, Grow Revenue, Level Up Projects, Unlock the Legion

1hr:08 Goals for you as Investors

1hr:12 Slate Strategy with Terri and David

1hr:34 Events and other Experiences

1hr:36 Q&A

2hr Wrap Up

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