The Smartest Party in Hollywood?

On July 18th, 2017 Legion M gave fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy a lavish Hollywood Houseparty with Stan Lee. Here's why it's one of the best investments we've ever made...


The party was truly epic, and we spared no expense in hosting it. We rented out a 9,000 square foot mansion in the Hollywood Hills and brought in a team of decorators who used props, lighting, sound, and furniture to transform it into Stark Mansion for the evening. We had a bounty of food and drinks including of signature cocktails like the "Iron Man", "Hulk" and "Black Widow" and specialty deserts like Robert Brownie Juniors and Lord Voldes'mores.

We had a stage, a live band, a DJ, and a champagne toast. We offered shuttle services, free Ubers and Gift Bags to all of our guests. We had a digital gaming lounge full of state-of-the-art TV's and games. We had multiple photo booths, world class cosplayers, and a live performance from renowned artist Rob Prior. We had a red carpet step and repeat, photographers and multiple production crews. We even had drones! The Three Tenors sang. Stan Lee spoke. People danced all night. By all accounts it was a party for the ages.

But the very best part? It didn't cost us a penny. In fact, thanks to brisk ticket sales and robust sponsor support, the money we made from the event outweighed the costs. We used the surplus cash to help pay for the historic Stan Lee Imprint Ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre earlier that day.

Put short, Legion M took the sort of event that would normally make investors cringe--a lavish, extravagant affair--and turned it into an event that not only made history, but MADE MONEY. We got amazing exposure, including the #1 livestream on Twitch garnering hundreds of thousands of views. We gave our shareholders, members, partners, clients, and customers a night they will never forget. We promoted the heck out of Legion M. And we did it all without spending a cent of our investor's money. 

Jeff AnnisonComment