With over 25 years in Hollywood, Dean Devlin has been involved with some of the biggest hits in the business. Co-creator of Stargate. Writer/Producer of Independence Day and Godzilla. He's generated billions of dollars of box office around the globe and launched multiple film and television franchises. Dean is a guy that understands fans.

In our first meeting, he shared stories of Comic Con in the 70's--back before it was a thing. He proudly told us that his 1994 Stargate was the first movie to have a website--before the INTERNET was a thing! It takes only a few minutes with Dean and his infectious enthusiasm to realize that the reason he understands fans so well is because he's a fan himself. Which makes him a perfect partner for Legion M.

Dean career runs the gamut of favorite film and TV hits. In addition to big budget movies like StargateIndependence Day and Godzilla, Dean also directed and produced successful TV series’ “Leverage” and “The Librarians”. He’s even acted in front the camera, including a role in Real Genius and guest-star stints on “L.A. Law” and “Happy Days.” Today he heads the independent media company Electric Entertainment, producing and distributing his own projects, including Bad Samaritan (David Tennant, Robert Sheehan) which Legion M invested in earlier this year.
Having seen firsthand the power of Legion M community’s on Bad Samaritan, Dean’s decision to join the party was an easy one. “I worked directly with the Legion M team on my last film,” he says, “and had a chance to see the quality of their team and the power of their model. All I can say is that now I want them involved in all my projects!”
And Legion M feels the same way. Dean knows about taking risks in Hollywood, having succeeded (and just as importantly, failed) at levels few people ever have the chance to experience. His experience provides Legion M with invaluable insight on how to navigate one of the most complex and competitive industries on the planet.

And to top it off, Dean’s one of the nicest guys you’ll meet in Hollywood. “What I love about Dean is that he's so amazingly, refreshingly honest,” says Jeff Annison, cofounder and President of Legion M. Paul Scanlan, Legion M’s cofounder and CEO agrees. “He’s someone who knows what he's doing, but he doesn’t have a huge Hollywood ego. The advice that he gives us is genuine and honest. He's exactly the sort of person that we want to be in business with.”

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