The surprise theatrical success of Nicolas Cage's new movie, 'Mandy,' has forced its distributor to completely overhaul its release strategy
  • Panos Cosmatos' latest movie "Mandy," starring Nicolas Cage, is achieving the impossible for most day-and-date movies, as audiences would rather see it in theaters than video on demand. 

  • Thanks to fans demanding it be shown in more theaters, RLJ Entertainment, the distributor of "Mandy," has the movie booked in theaters until November. 

  • Business Insider explores why "Mandy" could be the next "Rocky Horror Picture Show." 

With the fall movie season in full swing, much of the weekend box-office discussion has focused on the impressive staying power of titles such as "The Nun," "A Simple Favor," and "The House With a Clock in Its Walls," which audiences continue to flock to after their opening weekends. 

But if you dig a little deeper, you'll come across a title playing that has the kind of hold on audiences that it has the makings of being a cult classic the likes we haven't seen since "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." 

Panos Cosmatos' acid-laced revenge movie starring Nicolas Cage, "Mandy," isn't just having a solid theatrical run, it's defying the release strategy of most day-and-date movies before it.

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Legion M Team