‘Mandy’ Fans, Now There’s Even a Limited Edition Cheddar Goblin Halloween Mask!

Yes, now YOU can become the infamous Cheddar Goblin.

We literally just got done telling you guys about a Chicago restaurant that’s launching a Cheddar Goblin-inspired, Mandy tribute menu this month, and now director Panos Cosmatos lets us know that there’s a limited edition Cheddar Goblin Halloween mask, now available!

Selling through Legion M, the “ultra limited” mask was sculpted by Shane Morton and cast molded by Kevin Meaux at Silver Scream FX Lab, exactly like the beloved Cheddar Goblin from the film. Each handcrafted mask is a one of a kind work of art, sculpted, molded, cast in ghoulish green latex rubber, airbrushed and then hand painted by the original fabricators.

Only 50 will be produced, including a Certificate of Authenticity signed by director Panos Cosmatos, sculptor/designer Shane Morton, and creator Casper Kelly.

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Legion M Team