Final Booth Location and Design

OK, it's official! We are booth 402, near the Stan Lee museum. There were two deciding factors:

  1. The noise near the stage is supposed to be intense. They have the speakers turned up so they can be heard throughout the hall. That could wreak havoc with our pitching and filming.
  2. In the "non main stage" location we are literally steps away from the Stan Lee museum, where Stan will be making appearances each day. We haven't confirmed anything with Stan yet about coming by our booth (we'd love nothing more than to give a lucky contestant the chance to pitch to Stan himself!), but the easier we can make it on him and his people, the more likely it is to happen. Stay tuned...

Here's our "final" booth design...

It was going to cost over $3K to carpet the booth for three days, so we decided to go with bare concrete, and will use red carpet runners for the elevator and the step and repeat.

Jeff Annison