Legion M Announces Fifth Fundraising Round as Our Community Surpasses 100,000 Fans!

Legion M’s new fan-investors will join a community that is revolutionizing the way entertainment is made and supported in Hollywood and beyond 

LOS ANGELES (July 15, 2019) Coming on the heels of a major membership milestone and its most successful round to date—culminating with a record number of new investors—Legion M has announced its fifth round of JOBS Act fundraising. Individuals who are interested in becoming a co-owner of the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company can invest today. You can also join the Legion for free to become part of a worldwide community with 100,000 people uniting to reshape the future of Hollywood. 

To date, Legion M has raised more than $7 million via equity crowdfunding, allowing more than 16,000 fan-investors to own a stake in a slate of film, TV, VR and digital projects such as Kevin Smith’s upcoming “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,” the 2019 Sundance-premiered documentary “Memory: The Origins of Alien,” and the 2018 critically-acclaimed Nicolas Cage revenge thriller “Mandy.” Legion M original projects in development include the female-led feature film “Girl With No Name,” for which the company successfully launched a comic book to introduce the new franchise’s world and characters.

Legion M is targeting $2.5 million in investments during this fifth round, which will bring the total amount raised by the company to nearly $10 million. The new capital will go directly into growing the Legion and investing in new projects in which Legion M members have a say through the company’s innovative platforms like the M-Pulse development tool, as well as SCOUT which led Legion M to purchase “Memory: The Origins of Alien” with Screen Media.

“The fourth round was our biggest yet and sold out ahead of schedule leaving plenty of demand for this next round,” said Paul Scanlan, Legion M’s cofounder and CEO. “We’re truly excited to welcome new and returning investors as we progress ever closer to our goal of uniting one million fans to reshape this industry we so passionately love.”

“Fans have all the power in the entertainment industry,” said Jeff Annison, Legion M’s cofounder and president. “After all, fans buy the tickets and pay for the subscriptions. Individually we are all just consumers—but when we unite, we have power. What makes Legion M special is the fact that we're giving fans a first-time opportunity to not just own a piece of the industry, but also shape the future of Hollywood.”

“Legion M continues to be one of the most notable success stories in the equity crowdfunding space,” said Sara Hanks co-founder and CEO of CrowdCheck and CrowdCheck Law. “With more than 16,000 investors, Legion M has become a shining case study amongst equity crowdfunding companies, illustrating the potential of the JOBS Act.”

Interested investors can get involved today for as little as $100. Individuals not sure about investing can also join Legion M as a free member to get inside access to the company and their projects. To view the Legion M investment circular, please visit our Investor Relations page.

Rob Novickas