We are FILED

Ladies and Gentlemen, as of Dec 19th, 17:19 EST, Legion M has OFFICIALLY FILED with the SEC for our next round of funding. The final document was over 330 pages long. This has been an been an extremely arduous process (I'm not going to lie--it kicked our butt for a little while!), but we've persevered and triumphed. At least for today.

The next step is in the SEC's hands. They have up to 30 days to review and respond with comments. At that point the ball will be back in our courtto address to their comments and submit again.

It's difficult to predict exactly how long this back and forth will take, or how many rounds of comments we'll receive. Our lawyers have told us the record is about 60 days. We told them we like to break records.

We'll keep you in the loop as things progress. In the meantime, we'll be turning our focus to more interesting matters, like moving some of our projects along and laying plans for how we can get the word out once the new round is approved.

Stay tuned!

Jeff Annison