Today all of our shareholder are receiving a welcome email from eShares, which is our new registered transfer agent. Since most people have no reason to know what a registered transfer agent is, I figured I'd take moment to explain.

When you invest in Legion M, you own shares of the company. We have a lot of different shareholders, including the two founders, all our employees and partners, our creative allies, and all of the public investors who participated in our historic seed round on Wefunder. All told, we have 3168 different shareholders as of this writing! (Of course our goal is to get this number to 1MM, but that's a topic for another post...)

As the company grows, this list of shareholders will change. We'll be adding a LOT of new ones once the next round starts, and once the shares become tradable we may be lose some as well. Keeping track of who owns what is a critical task, and as we grow it can become a very complex one. That's where eShares comes in.

As of today, eShares (www.esharesinc.com) is the official master record of all the shares in the company. This is where we as a company will manage our official list going forward.

They are also the keeper of all the electronic certificates. We are an "uncertificated" company, which means that all our ownership records are held electronically. You can print out a copy of this certificate on eShares (and we also have some snazzy ones in development perfect for framing and hanging on your wall!), but ultimately the paper certificates are just for show. The real record of your ownership is the master list on eShares.

So when you get the e-mail notification from eShares (if you haven't seen it, please check your spam folders, etc) we recommend you set up your eShares account (it's free for you--we pay the monthly fee). This is also a good time to check and make sure your name is spelled correctly, and the number of shares you purchased is correct. Everything should be right on, as the data was imported directly from Wefunder into eShares, but with such a large cap table there's always the possibility of something getting garbled. In particular we've seen some names that have special characters (i.e. accents) have trouble in some cases.

If you do spot a problem, please let us know and we'll track it down. We've got a complete record of everything that happened on Wefunder, so we can retrace all the steps if there are any discrepancies.

Other than that, if you have any questions please just send mail to team@thelegionm.com.


Jeff Annison