T-Shirt Mogul 0.1 Results

SEPTEMBER 18, 2016

EMERYVILLE, CA. Today Legion M announced that Haley Krepps, owner of "The Legion" t-shirt store in New York City and Scott Murray, owner of "LegionM365" in Philadelphia have won the inaugural round of the Legion M T-Shirt Mogul game

Finishing in a tie for first place, Krepps and Murray beat 163 other contenders to win the temporary title "Legion M Chief Tastemaker" and one of the highly coveted "T-Shirt Mogul Champion" T-shirts! 

Congratulations to Haley and Scott, T-Shirt Mogul Champions and KING OF THE WORLD!

Results were tabulated by comparing contestant's predictions with actual Legion M sales data. Krepps and Murray were nearly perfect--of the 100 shirts they ordered only 6 of them went unsold. By contrast, Legion M Chief Prediction Office Judi Castro of "Master Shirts Unlimited" ended the round in a disappointing 73rd position with 28 unsold shirts. An early favorite, Judi simply said "I never expected to do very well in this game, thus my predictive record is 100% intact. I do much better with a larger set of evidentiary variables." 

According to insiders, the key to victory was the black limited-edition founding investor t-shirt, which alone accounted for 58% of total sales. That was followed by the white founding investor shirt (18%), the Superhero shirt (16%), and the Stranger Things tribute shirt (8%). For a complete rundown of results see the leaderboard or detailed scoresheet.

While the inaugural round of the competition went smoothly, it was not without controversy. Pablo Scanlonian's ("Taking Hollywood by Storm") impressive 7th place finish was put into question after it was revealed that his submission was made after sales of the shirts already had begun. "Paul's not the type of guy who would cheat at something like this", explained Jeff Annison ("One in a Million T-Shirt Company") who finished in a 4 way tie for 39th place. "But he beat me pretty soundly, so I'm gonna run with it."

"Half of the Legion M cofounders deserve to be put in a basket of deplorables" said Terri Lubaroff of "Bang Bang Apocalypse Tees" after her 150th place finish. "As soon as we figure out which half it is, we intend to do something about it." added development head David Baxter of TeesRus (29th Place).

When reached via telephone for comments, Scanlan, who appeared to be in an English pub at the time, simply responded with a sting of incomprehensible mumblings interspersed with an occasional "cheerio, mate!"

Controversies aside, organizers were quick to say that they were pleased with the rev 0.1 playtest, and are already laying plans for rev 0.2.

-Staff Writer Cap McGhee

Staff Writer Cap McGhee