Pitch Elevator Open Development Meeting #1

As we recently announced, Season 1 of PITCH ELEVATOR is scheduled to begin in early November. And as we described in this post, we're bringing a bit of Silicon Valley agile development process to the creation of the show. 

As a fan-owned company, we have an unprecedented opportunity to get our community involved in the development of our projects. We believe that Pitch Elevator--a homegrown show about opening the gates of Hollywood--is the perfect forum to do so. We're excited to take a first step by announcing the first OPEN DEVELOPMENT MEETING for Season 1 of Pitch Elevator. In this meeting, which is open to all Legion M members/investors, we'll review the Pitch Elevator format and plans, talk about the open casting call, and brainstorm potential ideas for Celebrity Players

If this sounds interesting, please join us on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 18TH at from 6PM to 7PM PST to be a part of the fun. We're eager to hear your feedback and ideas, ready to make the most of our historic first season of Pitch Elevator.

Watch the Live Recording Herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwXlKA9z3Mo

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