Facebook Live Update - 11/3/17

Business Time with Paul and Jeff

Join us Live this Friday, 11/3/17 at 11:30am PT for the latest updates directly from cofounders, Paul and Jeff over at our Legion M Facebook page. Get the latest news about Pitch Elevator, Sundance, Wefunder Closing and all things Legion M. Watch from the comfort and privacy of your home. Pants optional. https://www.facebook.com/thelegionm/

The below table of contents outlines where in the livestream you can find information on your most pressing questions.  Note that the livestream counts down backwards from total length, so the number listed is where in the total length you can find that information. Clicking on the counter clock in the video screen will adjust the timer to count forward.

20:35 – Total Length in Minutes              

Table of Contents                                                                                   

0:00 – Paul coughs out his lungs with welcome notes                      

0:45 – Sundance plans, a must go this year

2:05 – Flights, lodging and ticket strategy

5:00 – Earthquake announcement of new Legion M advisor

7:50 – Pitch Elevator update and First Celebrity Judge Leonard Maltin

9:45 – Online Development Meeting and Pilot Episodes Coming Up

11:20 – Vegas Meetings and Stunt Team Drive!

12:45 – Special Shout Out to Mandy

13:15 – eShares notifications and Wefunder investment closing status

17:10 – Open questions posted

17:45 – Last Jedi Opening Night Premiere Tickets

18:57 – Book Club Announcements

20:35 – End