Facebook Live Update - 10/6/17. Pitch Elevator, Sundance, Wefunder and more!

We've got a long-awaited Pitch Elevator announcement(!), fun happenings at NYCC, updates on Sundance plans, Q&A, and other general shenanigans. Join us live from the comfort and privacy of your home. Pants optional.

Table of Contents


  • 0:00-1:58  Welcome

  • 1:59-4:47  Wefunder / eShares Update

  • 4:48-5:53 New York Comic Con Info – Panel and Meetups

  • 5:55-9:11   Sundance

  • 9:12-10:54 Traction on Projects for ICONS and STUNT TEAM: DRIVE

  • 11:09-24:13PITCH ELEVATOR Announcement!!!

  • 24:14-30:51 Q&A

    • Can People help with Sundance Activities?

    • How Many Pitch Elevator Pitches Are There?

    • Are There Groups Doing Rooms at Sundance?

    • Do You Have Any Shame? ;-)

    • Did Pitch Elevator Only Allow Pitches for Movies?

    • When will Pitch Elevator Voting Begin?

    • When is Sundance?