Members Only Facebook Posting Policy

It's been about 6 months since we launched this members-only Facebook group. It's been amazing to watch it grow, and see how quickly it's become a vibrant and important piece of the Legion M community.
As we prepare for the next round of stock offering, we feel it's time to make an update. Those that were here during the Title III know how chaotic it was when we were adding new members at about 100x our current clip. We LOVE the energy it creates, but also recognize the need to harness the chaos. 
To that end, we'd like to propose a new posting policy, which is outlined below. We think this is the best way to balance the desire for an open platform where anyone can speak against the fact that too many people talking at the same time becomes overwhelming and causes people to leave.
Note that our forums ( are wide open for anything--since we have separate rooms there we don't limit the discussion at all. If you haven't been on the forums recently, you should check it out--hundreds of discussions to jump in on and if you don't find something you like you can always start your own!
In any case, we're rolling this out as a proposal because we want to get your feedback. So please take a quick read and let us know your thoughts below!


1) This forum will switch from an "open posting" to "curated posting" policy. That means that anybody can post, but before a post goes live it must be approved by a Legion M administrator. The administrators will base their decisions on the criteria outlined in this policy.


2) Comments, questions, or discussion about Legion M will generally be allowed. We still want people to post pics about their SWAG, ask questions, and have discussions about our company and community. The only reason we'd limit these posts is if they are duplicates, questions have already been answered, or if there are simply too many to post on a given day (in which case we'd hold till the next day).

3) A limited number of general interest topics (i.e. videos, articles, discussions, rants, etc that do NOT directly relate to Legion M) will be approved each day. Our target would be up to 3 per day. This means that if we have 7 different articles submitted in a day, we'd pick the best 3 to publish. The others would go unpublished (or could be published on a later date). 

4) Solicitations for support (i.e. kickstarter projects, etc) from members of the legion will be published on a case by case basis. In general, we want to allow people to submit their projects to the community for support, but we don't want it to become "spammy." 

There will be some trial and error as we flush this out, and we fully expect this policy to evolve over time. However this is the policy we think strikes the best balance.

Legion M Team