New round is now open for members of the Legion!

Ringing the Reg A bell!!

Posted by Paul Scanlan on Thursday, March 16, 2017

Today Jeff and Paul rang the cowbell for the soft launch of the Legion M Regulation A investment round. The company is offering an "early-access window" for existing investors, members and their friends and family. From today until Tuesday (3/23/17), the Wefunder investment page (beta rev) is live and taking investments at

This link is exclusively being shared with members and their friends until Tuesday when the company will make an official public announcement with all the fanfare, including a press release and broad public marketing. 

We felt it was important to give all our supportive shareholders and their close friends an early window to ensure they had the opportunity to get their shares at the price of $7.47 per share. 

Watch the Facebook Live recording of today's announcement from the parking lot of MobiTV where Paul and Jeff first took the entertainment industry by storm with their previous success. 

Disappointing News - As explained in a Facebook post and blog entry earlier today, Legion M cannot accept investments in the Reg A at this current time from residents of Texas, Florida, Arizona and North Dakota in our Reg A. For information on why, you can read this blog post:…/note-to-four-states

WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP THE FIGHT! We're working EXTREMELY hard to find a workaround that would make Legion M available to ALL. As you can read in the post, there are options that hopefully will be available soon. If you live in one of those four states, please read the post and sign up on the list to get updates as the situation changes.

And Finally, More Cowbell in case you need it...