Blasting Out The Hollywood Gates with Reg A+ Investment Offering

Wow! Even before the public announcement, we are already the fastest start ever on the Wefunder platform! Pushing $400k this morning as the press release hits the wires - that is amazing. Before all the fanfare starts as the round goes public, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you, our Legion, for your help in setting yet another industry record as we blaze forward into this next phase. We know that a lot of this $400k is coming from existing shareholders doubling down on their investment in Legion M and we are grateful. We are motivated by any and all investments, but when an existing investor decides to invest more, that is particularly special and inspiring for us. It sends us a message that we are doing something right and that motivates us more than anything else. 

So, we are not stopping here and today released our official press coverage of Legion M's Reg A+ Investment Offering to the public. The press release went live at 10am PT and you can read the full release at our Press page here. Shortly after, we received additional press coverage from Deadline Hollywood 'Fan-Owned Legion M Launches New Crowdfunding Round' and Crowdfund Insider 'Legion M Launches Qualified Reg A+ Security Offer on Wefunder'. We expect there will be more press coverage from other media outlets in the coming days. All wheels are firing and Legion M is full steam ahead!

Onward and Upward.

Paul and Jeff