Colossal is now open at over 300 theaters across the country. Here's 3 great reasons you should see it THIS WEEKEND, and tell all your friends to do the same!

Colossal itself wrings a great deal of fun — and also some genuine terror, by no means all of it monster-related — from its blithely bizarre conceit.
— A. O. Scott, New York Times
Colossal is one of those movies with the amount of creativity that some directors never produce in their whole lives.
— Nick Allen,
Colossal is so good because it takes all those known elements — an Oscar-winning leading lady, huge bad guys, actual quality — and twists them into something entirely fun and new and exceedingly different.
— Kate Erland, IndieWire
Determinedly bizarre, psychologically inquisitive and in the end rather wonderful.
— Tom Huddleston, Time Out