A few investors have raised valid questions about Legion M's goals and motives for organizing the Celebrate Stan Lee Event and Afterparty and we thought it might be worth sharing our thoughts. We mentioned some of this in our Facebook live session and we will make a blog post with even more details, but it's worth laying out some points here for context and feedback.

Legion M’s stated long-term goal is to unite one million fans as shareholders of our company. If we can achieve this, we could become one of the most powerful and influential companies in Hollywood. To grow a community of this size, we need to find creative and authentic ways to get our message out to the world so people are aware of us. As a small company, it is essential that we find economically efficient and scalable ways of getting the word out. By rallying fans together to give Stan Lee this deserving award and by throwing him an afterparty to celebrate, we are doing multiple things simultaneously...and it's not just an excuse to throw a party.

We are demonstrating the power that a community of fans can have when we unite together to do something special. To date, these hand and foot imprint ceremonies have been organized by the major studios and are extremely hard to get done. By uniting fans together to do this, we are showing that "fans uniting" have power and influence to make shit happen. Stan Lee deserves this recognition and this is the first time in history that fans will have rallied to make it happen.

We are creating news by hosting this historic event that has already received a lot of media coverage and will earn Legion M continued buzz and exposure in the press for the next several months. We have had massive interest from press in attending the event and we’re now in the position of picking and choosing who we want to be there.

We are opening up new contacts and establishing credibility for Legion M within the industry. By linking with Stan and organizing this important event, Legion M is forming new relationships at the highest levels in Hollywood, including direct contact and dialogue with the all of the heads of the major studios (many of whom will be attending the event as our guest). Additionally, we are now in contact with countless celebrities who are all very interested in supporting their friend Stan Lee and happy to learn about Legion M in the process.

Most importantly, we are getting the Legion M message out to the vast and wide crowd of fans that support Stan Lee where we believe our message of fan unification will resonate. This is the most critical piece and important for us to continue to grow our community. In a sense, this event is like a marketing campaign, but instead of buying generic advertisements, we are creating a genuine and authentic connection with fans around an event that illustrates and articulates our message.

We are also delivering on our promise to our shareholders to “Open the Gates to Hollywood”. This will be one of the first times that fans get access to a historic ceremony like this, not to mention the incredible opportunity to attend a party with Stan Lee in the Hollywood Hills. We have designed every element of this event to maximize access. Enabling these unique and special experiences for our shareholders is a key part of our overall business plan. These experiences not only deliver on our promise, but also help galvanize the community and provide an important emotional return on investment. 

Lastly, the entire Stan Lee project is being designed in such a way to pay for itself and the afterparty in particular is one of the primary ways to help recoup those costs. By itself, the party will be profitable and those profits help pay for some of the ceremony. With the ticketing of the ceremony and after party, the tribute packages, plus all the sponsors, we expect to recoup most if not all of our investments. Again, we’re not doing this project to make money as we see it more specifically as a marketing event, but we are very conscious with how we spend Legion M's resources and we believe this is a very wise and ultimately valuable undertaking.

Paul Scanlan