Stan Lee Handprint Ceremony at the Chinese Theatre (Part One)


Some people have a Bucket List. I have a “Holy amazeballs how did I get this lucky?!” list. I'll tell you how I got this lucky – Legion M!

A few months ago, Legion M announced they were hosting events to celebrate Stan Lee! The events were being held on July 18th beginning with a hand print ceremony at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood and ending with an after-party at the same location.

This was the first time a handprint ceremony at the Chinese Theatre was organized and hosted by fans! Talk about making history! The events were to commemorate Stan's 95th birthday and 78th year in the Superhero business. Luckily for everyone, tickets for these events were on sale to the public with priority given to Legion M investors and members.

Sadly, I had a huge project being implemented that same day at my work, and I wasn't going to be able to attend. I really wanted to be in attendance with my fellow Legion M team, investors, and members. It was digging at me that I wasn't going to be able to share this historic day with everyone. Later, it was announced that there was so much interest in the afterparty that they rescheduled it for a “Houseparty” in the Hollywood Hills later that night. That was it! That was enough to push me over the edge of insanity!

I described the event to my boss and asked if I could leave work early that day. I'd catch a flight down to Los Angeles and be there in time for the bash! She approved! I was ecstatic! But wait – my implementation got rescheduled! I was over the moon! Flight change, and bam! My luck had panned out, Stan Lee handprint ceremony and birthday bash here I come!

How do you go about telling everyone that you're going to Stan Lee's Birthday Party / House Party at a 9,000-square foot mansion in Hollywood Hills (dubbed the Stark Mansion) without bragging? There is no such thing! I was telling everyone! Two of my best friends, Joe and JonJon, who are also Legion M investors, decided to go with me! We knew we were in for one of the greatest times ever!