Last Call for Round 2!

Heads up, everybody!

Today we're giving official notice that Legion M's second round of fundraising, (currently available at will be CLOSING IN JUST OVER 3 WEEKS. On Aug 25, 2017, round 2 will officially end. This will be the last chance to get in as a 2nd round investor at the 7.47 share price. After that we plan to take a break from fundraising for a while until we open round 3 at a date and price that is TBD.

We're very happy with how our fundraising has gone so far. As of this writing, we've raised nearly $1.5MM in round 2 and added over 2,500 investors to the Legion. We're ready to finish strong over the next 3 weeks, and will be reaching out with information on how you can help us get the word out. We don't want anyone to miss out because they didn't know.

As always, we continue to be blown away by the tremendous support from the community. We've made great strides as a company over the last few months. We've still got a LONG way to go, but we couldn't be more excited for the future of Legion M.

That said, it takes time and energy to fundraise, and we look forward to taking a break for a few months to focus more of our cycles on developing existing projects (i.e. Pitch Elevator and ICONS), finding new projects (i.e. searching for the next Colossal), and continuing to grow the Legion. This break from fundraising also gives us the space necessary to complete/release our midyear financials and update our SEC disclosures to reflect recent progress. Finally, it gives us an opportunity to file an amendment with the SEC to reopen later this year at a new price.

We expect to go through the process of opening and closing rounds many times as we continue our march towards 1MM shareholders. With each round, our Legion grows in size and strength, and the share price is adjusted to reflect current valuation. We had originally planned to take these steps a couple months ago, but decided to keep Round 2 open until we had a solution in place for the 4 states. We didn't feel it was right to close round 2 without giving the 4-staters a chance to participate!

Thank you again for your support. As always, if you have any questions, please let us know by sending an e-mail to!

Onward and Upward!

*Note for the SEC aficionados out there: We're not closing our current Reg A, we're simply pausing it while we file an amendment and prepare to open our third round of fundraising later this year.

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