Sundance Stories - Ramona Snyder

I’ve always wanted to attend the Sundance Film Festival. When I heard Legion M was going to be there hosting a VIP Lounge I knew I had to go. I paired up with three other Legion M first round investors and we booked our trips. Our desire was to assist Legion M however we could in moving the legion upward and onward.

So how do I encapsulate the Sundance experience? It was unbelievable for someone who does not work in the film industry. The Red Banjo Pizza Parlor was the Legion M command center for live streaming interviews by Russ Fischer’s Movie Pilot, Chris Gore from FilmThreat and Entertainment Tonights Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie the entire four days. On Thursday night Legion M hosted a “Mandy” premiere party, which included interviews with “Mandy” star Nicolas Cage, director Panos Cosmatos and Spectre Vision producers Elijah Wood, Lisa Whalen, Daniel Noah and Josh Waller. Nicolas Cage even brought his good friend Vince Neil of Motley Crew. It snowed on Friday night and many of us were able to e-wait list and get tickets to the world premiere midnight showing of “Mandy” The first movie to have “Legion M” in the screen credits. What an exciting moment to be a part of. There’s always an exciting energy when you see the premiere of a movie.

During the entire four days Legion M had their VIP Lounge there was a constant flow of people coming inside the Red Banjo to check watch the interviews. The VIP lounge was had a relaxed atmosphere, which included free pizza, Corona beers, Rockstar Energy Drinks and Revolution Fresh juices. We were often at capacity so I took it upon myself to stand outside and be a greeter. I’d answer any questions people walking by had about what was happening inside. I felt confident in explaining what crowdsourcing is and why an average income level person like myself can actually own shares in large and small IPO’s now and I answered basic “What is Legion M?” questions. I met so many interesting people and enjoyed being a part of the Twitch interviews. I was told several times that I had a great energy about me and that made my day! Would I go again? Most definitely!