THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL to Premiere at SXSW 2018

This year is off to a rip-roaring start for Legion M, which kicked off with an extremely successful 2018 Sundance premiere of MANDY - the best-reviewed film at the festival! Now, we are proud to announce that the worldwide premiere of our film THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL (FGTE) will bow at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX on Sunday, March 11!

We were honored to receive multiple invites to premiere this highly-anticipated anthology, and the producers unanimously agreed that SXSW is the perfect place to unleash this groundbreaking work.

With more than 300k influencers, artists, filmmakers, celebrities, industry executives, and fans descending on Austin for an epic dose of film, music and innovation, SXSW has fast become one of the hottest and most influential festivals for premiering new film projects. The scheduled screenings have just been posted - starting with the world premiere midnight showing on March 11 (11:55 pm), plus a late showing on March 12 (11:15 pm) and a matinee on March 16th (11:00 am). Experiencing a midnight screening at SXSW is a bucket-list moment for any film lover!

As a reminder, Legion M is executive producer on THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL (FGTE), and we couldn’t be more excited to share this worthy project with our Legion co-owners, as well as the passionate and progressive SXSW audience. We have seen an early cut of the film and it’s freaking awesome. Bringing together eight of the most exciting new voices in genre filmmaking, FGTE is a celebration of dark folklore and mythology from around the world. With featured segments from 8 different countries, including India, Norway, the United States and others, FGTE explores the universal human emotion of fear that captivates and unites audiences across geographical borders.  The film explores the lore, myths and folktales that have mesmerized and frightened various cultures throughout history. 

Although the premiere is still weeks away, there is already discussion about expanding this title into a TV series.

Just in case you needed another good reason to attend SXSW next month, now you have it. Detailed plans are still coming together, but we'll be hosting a Legion M gathering around the first screening and/or participate in some sort of premiere party with our Legion M partner and ally Alamo Drafthouse. If you’re planning on attending, or interested in hearing further details about a Legion M gathering, SIGN UP BELOW!  We’ll see you in Austin!