Facebook Live Update - 3/20/18

Business Time with Paul and Jeff

Recap from Wednesday, 3/20/2018's Facebook livestream with cofounders, Paul and Jeff. Hear the latest about Wondercon panels and plans, Bad Samaritan efforts, Round 3 preparations and our new initiative, The Hive!  

28:00 – Total Length in Minutes              

Table of Contents

0:00 – Paul and Jeff join us in the rain from Walnut Creek’s Rooftop Bar.

0:39 – Jeff having Sundance gear flashback with the Legion M scarf and the Mandy 44 t-shirt. Visit the store. We’re about to put in a bulk order for the blue/orange jerseys.

1:55 – Regular meetings with the Bad Samaritan team and Dean Devlin going well. Great team and building great relationships.

3:06 – New Round Updates: We should be able to clear 6 of the 7 pending states before round opens, except Nebraska. Reserve your spot now! Targeting mid April.

8:00 – Wondercon panels and meetups. New project announcements!!

14:00 – Plans for upcoming cons:

Awesome Con in DC – David Baxter and Terri Piñon (Confirmed)

Wizard World in Portland – Where Bad Sam was filmed! (Confirmed)

Starfest in Denver (TBD)

Great Philadelphia CC – (TBD)

C2E2 in Chicago – (TBD)

SVCC in San Jose (Confirmed) – Where Legion M was born!

15:05 – Meetups after Bad Sam opening on 5/4. Go to the Bad Samaritan link on website if you want to host or attend! Legion M team will spread all over country to attend as many as we can, like little cockroaches.

17:13 – Tweet and tag @BadSamFilm and your local theater in order to get their attention if you want to make sure the film will be playing in your town.

18:51 – The HIVE! Be a part of Legion M’s new initiative to build buzz and help the PR team spread the word about LM. Sign up will be live soon!

22:49 – Update on Social Media Manager position. Over 300 resumes received!

24:35 – #FanArtFriday! Thanks to @MadSquid for latest submission. Great creative and share your fan art with us!

25:35 – Megacon in Orlando question… we currently don’t have plans to attend since it’s after the 5/4 Bad Sam release, but maybe we will rethink scheduling a Bad Samaritan meetups around a local con to kill 2 birds! More to come…

26:28 – If you want to host a meetup in your area for the Bad Samaritan release, visit the Bad Samaritan link on our website to sign up!

27:35 – Pitch Elevator update: paused a bit due to Bad Sam and Round 3 focus and while we sync up with new Nerdist leadership. This was cut short by…

28:00 – Paul’s cell battery dies... The End.