Mobilizing the Legion - 137 Local Bad Samaritan Meetups in 4 Days!!

We’re a few weeks past the wide release of Bad Samaritan, and the response from the audience has been incredible. From its 81% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes to those folks who have seen it multiple times in a theatre (shoutout to my boyfriend who has five ticket stubs in his wallet – it’s okay, we don’t need to pay our bills), Legion M couldn’t be prouder of our community. And it’s all possible due to the members and investors who took the time to get a group of folks together to go see the movie on opening weekend.

bad samaritan meetup map

More than two-thousand people signed up to attend more than 130 Legion M meetups across the US and Canada for the film. If you organized or attended one of Legion M’s meetups, then you probably know me as “that girl that kept sending me emails, like, four or five times a day, I mean, seriously doesn’t she have any friends?” And you may be on to something, cards on the table. But more important than that is how successful our meetups were thanks to the Legion M community.

We had tons of fun incentives to get other out to our meetups. Groups of eight or more attendees were given free Bad Samaritan gift bags that were full of tons of fun goodies. I can’t tell you what was in them due to my complete 100% aversion to spoilers and the spread thereof, but I can tell you they were all fun props from and nods to the movie – all with a practical use!

But even without the free stuff (which, let’s be real, is awesome), there’s so many reasons to attend a meetup. They’re a great opportunity to see a Legion M film with other members, investors, and fans – and then grab a bite to eat or a drink afterwards. For a lucky few, executive members of the Legion M staff were able to attend some of the biggest meetups around the country – including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Pleasant Hill, Riverside, Rocklin, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Springfield MO, Tampa, Thousand Oaks, and Washington DC. For an even luckier few, some members of the cast and crew of the film were in attendance! Not only is it cool for fans to be able to hobnob with the celebs of the film they just saw, but it’s also truly great for the celebrities to see how an audience truly reacts to their work.

You need not look any farther than these incredible photos from our meetup attendees to know that everyone who came out had a total blast.

The director and producer of the film, Dean Devlin (Stargate, Independence Day, “Leverage,” “The Librarians”), was incredibly impressed with Legion M’s efforts. But you don’t have to take my word for it – hear it from the man himself in this personal thank-you video to Legion M and the community. 

But if hearing it from Dean’s lips doesn’t convince you, then surely you’ll believe our illustrious and handsome leader, Jeff Annison (president of Legion M), in what had to say: “We were giving Dean constant updates on the meetups,” he shares. “He was blown away by the level of support from everybody.” CEO Paul Scanlan (incidentally also devilishly handsome) added: “Dean was so excited to work with us on this project – and hopefully his next one as well.”

For those who did have a chance to see the film, you don’t want to miss these exciting trivia talking points we’ve whipped up for you to enjoy. Use ‘em to impress your friends and family (or random strangers at the theatre) the next time you go see the film. Use the link below to download a copy of the talking points.


We’re so pleased with the outcome of these meetups – but we’re just getting started. The next film that Legion M has in theatres is going to have bigger and better meetups. Just you wait.