Legion M's Mission on Diversity & Treatment of Others

Legion M Diversity Mosaic.png

We are all human.
We all have value.
We all belong.

Legion M's mission is to unite a community of fans with the power to change the world. To accomplish this, we believe it's critical to foster a culture that values diversity, inclusion, opportunity and safety. We have identified touchstones which inform our work and our lives as human beings....

Openness.  Each of us brings different experiences, viewpoints and skillsets to the table. We promise to embrace and celebrate what makes each of us special, creating avenues for open communication, understanding, equality and parity.

Trust.  We will strive to create an environment of trust – where people of different races, sexes, ages, political persuasions, education levels, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, personalities and thinking styles – can learn and grow. We believe strong bonds of trust will create a cohesive company culture where all of our partners feel safe and valued. 

Empowerment.  We want all of our partners to feel empowered to explore ideas that are new and ideas that accurately reflect the multi-hued fabric of our society, and we will strive to build a company that tells stories that empower diverse voices, stories and creators. 

World-View.  We will seek stories that are told from diverse points of view, encourage constructive criticism that tests our assumptions about how the world works, and strive to build a company that tells stories that accurately reflect universal human experiences from all walks of life.

Diversity.  We seek diversity, create inclusion and drive accountability amongst ourselves by encouraging multiple perspectives, open participation and constant communication without fear of reprisals or judgement.  We will ask, “are we doing enough?” in our hiring, promotion and mentorship practices, and we will strive to do more. 

Inclusion.  We will work to make our industry more inclusive.  We will actively seek out partners, projects and talent that are representative of our society as a whole.  We are excited to bring new points of view to the world!

Individual.  We value the impact that every individual can have. We are dedicated to creating an environment where people can be their authentic selves and share their own diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and ideas.

Unconscious Bias.  We understand that our unconscious biases may influence our decision-making processes, and we acknowledge that we need to practice mindfulness and conscious evaluation of our own intrinsic biases, so we can affirmatively act to avoid unintended consequences.  We must ask, “have we done enough to ensure our unconscious bias hasn’t influenced our decision?” and then we must go beyond our personal comfort level in answering, ask for feedback to test our answer, and ask others to do the same.

Bullies.  We have a strict “no asshole” policy.  We don’t tolerate bullies, harassers, predators or abusers. We will avoid hiring and working with bullies, and we will call them out to help eradicate this toxic behavior from the industry.  

Sexual Harassment.  Sexual and emotional violence, discrimination and intimidation are not allowed. Period. Our culture is one of respect and mutual understanding, and we have the power, right, and – yes – obligation to bring forth concerns so we can educate, prevent and stop sexual harassment. Again, we will ask, “are we doing enough?” to eradicate this toxic behavior from the industry and to protect those who speak up from retaliation, ridicule and blame.

Unity. We live in an increasingly polarized society where individuals and organizations seek to divide us for commercial and political gain. We combat this by seeking common ground and focusing on the shared loves that bring us together, rather than the differences that tear us apart.

Self-Evaluation.  We will always question whether we have done enough to satisfy our mission on diversity.  We will ask ourselves, and then we will do the harder thing and ask others, if we are living up to our mission.  We will turn criticism into action items as we constantly work to improve and achieve our mission on diversity.

Leadership.  We believe that if every company practiced such policies, the world would be a better place. We will seek opportunities for leadership, and be the change we want to see.

FAQLegion M Team