Facebook Live Update - 12/14/18

Live from LA and SF with Terri Lubaroff, Paul Scanlan, and Jeff Annison

Jeff, Paul and Terri update us on all the latest Legion M news, including:

  • The recent Chicken Soup for the Soul announcement

  • Sundance

  • Scout

  • The latest on the fourth round

  • Unboxing some sweet new Mandy merch!

TRT: 35 min 26 sec

Table of Contents

0:00:00 Intro

0:01:05 Chicken soup for the Soul

0:03:20 PosiTV

0:09:45 Sundance

0:13:45 Scout

0:17:18 Round update

0:19:57 Merch update

0:21:10 New Mandy shirts

0:22:20 New Mandy hats

0:23:12 Unobxing the Full Rage box

0:25:54 New Mandy pins

0:27:38 Questions

0:27:40 Open mic night at Sundance Legion M lounge?

0:28:24 Trailer viewing party for Sundance scout?

0:29:08 Will the round be open through Sundance?

0:30:52 Legion M jackets?

0:32:15 What kind of products will we have with CSS?

0:32:22 Will Sundance be broadcast online like last year?

0:32:37 When will the round 4 investment payments be processed?

0:33:23 Sign and auction the unboxing?

0:33:46 Pitch Elevator update?

0:35:00 Signoff