Join cofounders Paul and Jeff for an update on all things Legion M, including:

  • The "Girl With No Name" comic book Kickstarter

  • Field Guide to Evil meetups and viewing party boxes

  • Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

  • Film Scout

  • Round 4

  • WonderCon

  • And questions from the Legion!

TRT: 30 min

Table of Contents:

0:00:00: Intro

0:00:55: Girl With No Name

0:05:25: Jay & Silent Bob

0:08:35: Field Guide To Evil meetups and merch

0:11:18: New announcement coming tomorrow!

0:12:05: Paul fixes Jeff's glasses

0:12:25: Scout update coming this week!

0:16:10: Round 4 update

0:18:07: WonderCon

0:19:40: Questions

0:19:46: Will we have the chance to audition for GWNN or crew jobs?

0:21:50: When will the 108 annual report be released? What would be Legion M valuation if you plan for 5th round fund raise in 2019?

0:23:32: Presence at SXSW like you do at Sundance?

0:25:06: Plans for Jay & SIlent Bob merch?

0:25:55: Can we weight in on casting decisions for GWNN?

0:27:42: Did Marilyn make it to NOLA in time?

0:28:05: What do we need to attend Sundance 2020?

0:30:10: Sign-off