Join Paul and Jeff for an update on all things Legion M, including San Diego Comic Con, our upcoming investment round, Memory, Jay & Silent Bob, M-Pulse results, and questions from our community!

TRT: 39 min 18 sec

Table of Contents:

0:00:00: Intro

0:00:20: Paul and Jeff's 'special assignment'

0:01:43: San Diego Comic Con

0:06:09: Round 4 Update

0:09:44: Memory update

0:12:09: Jay & Silent Bob update

0:16:03: M-Pulse results and impact

0:24:42: Questions

0:24:50: Are you still using Carta?

0:26:44: How many people completed the Response Team test?

0:28:29: Will J&SB merch be available at SDCC?

0:29:38: Will the SDCC merch be available online as well?

0:30:22: Have you reached out about the J&SB game?

0:30:54: Will we be livestreaming on twitch at SDCC?

0:31:50: Did Marliyn make it into J&SB?

0:32:51: Any volunteers needed for SVCC?

0:33:58: Will Carta shares be moved over to the new site?

0:34:50: Update on Airship Cowboys, Girl With No Name?

0:38:55: Sign-off