Exclusive First Look At “The Field Guide To Evil” Opening Credits!


THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL opens this Friday, March 29th, and we can hardly contain ourselves. In fact, we are so excited to share this film with the world that we are offering a rare first look at the opening title sequence exclusively to our Legion M community and good friends at Bloody Disgusting.

Produced by Bunker.co.nz, these haunting opening titles set the perfect mood for what’s to follow in the film by providing the connectivity to bind each of the eight segments together (into the Field Guide), each from one of the hottest new directorial voices in horror. Representing eight different parts of the world, THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL is a global and cultural expedition into the most universal emotion… FEAR. Be prepared to delve profoundly into the dark mythology and folklore that spans generations but knows no borders.  

Too afraid to watch by yourself? Legion M is organizing meetups with free limited edition pins (while supplies last) to see the film together! Check this map to find a meetup near you. Warning: don’t see this movie alone!

Lastly, if the film isn't playing near you, we've also got a "Viewing Party Survivor Kit" so that you can host a home viewing party with your friends and enjoy the film on demand from the [psychological] comfort (and security!) of your own living room. So grab some friends, buy/rent the movie on iTunes, Amazon, or your favorite VOD provider, and settle in for a night you’ll never forget. There’s safety in numbers…..right?