Apply To Be an Extra In Jay & Silent Bob Reboot!


Earlier this year, Legion M announced its involvement in Kevin Smith's new film "Jay & Silent Bob Reboot!" The response from our community has been overwhelmingly positive. We couldn't be more excited to announce this opportunity for our members and investors to actually BE IN THE FILM as extras!

Casting Opportunities

There are two different background opportunities that folks can apply to:

  1. GENERAL BACKGROUND: The casting agency is looking for general extras to be used throughout the movie. Due to tax credit requirements, these positions are OPEN FOR RESIDENTS WHO LIVE IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA (preferred).

  2. COSPLAYERS: If you can pull of a great cosplay of Jay, Silent Bob, Bluntman or Chronic, you can apply for the role of "Convention Goer". Due to tax credit requirements, preference for these roles will go to residents who live in the state of Louisiana, but the casting agency will also consider people from outside the state. The better your cosplay, the better your chances! COSTUME REQUIREMENTS: “Convention Goers” costumes must be homemade and not store-bought. You are welcome to vary the color, patterns, and shapes, but the overall look must be recognizable as the characters Jay, Silent Bob, Bluntman, or Chronic. The more creative the costume, the greater your chance of being featured! Feel free to try mashups with other themes or famous pop culture characters. Show us your skills!


SHOOT DATES: March (After Mardi Gras)

Multiple Costumes? Send pics of them all!

No costume? Make one!

Submission Process:

Submissions should be sent to:

All submissions must include:

  • Name

  • Age

  • City, State of residence (you will need to show proof of residency if you get the role)

  • Contact Phone Number

  • What role you are applying for:

    • General background (ONLY OPEN TO RESIDENTS OF STATE OF LA)


  • Photos of you and (if applicable) your costume

  • BE SURE TO MENTION LEGION M. This should get you priority in the selection process. All casting decisions will be made solely by the production team, but mentioning you are a Legion M member or investor can only help your case!