JOIN us to see MANDY and get a limited edition pin!

Mandy is the type of movie that needs to be EXPERIENCED. On a big screen, in a crowded theater, with the music turned up to 11. American audiences will get that chance on September 13th when Regal Cinemas and Alamo Drafthouse host a ONE-NIGHT-ONLY special event that includes a recorded Q&A with director Panos Cosmatos and star Nicolas Cage. 

To celebrate, Legion M is organizing meetups around the country, and has partnered with the film's distributor RLJ Entertainment to provide free limited edition Mandy pins (while supplies last) to everyone who joins one. Use the map below to find a Legion M meetup near you -- or sign up to organize one of your own!

Screenshot 2018-08-29 16.47.58.png

Meetups are open to anyone, but limited edition pins are...well...LIMITED. Sign up below to reserve yours today!


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