Facebook Live Update - 11/28/17

Business Time with Paul and Jeff

Recap of 11/28/17 Facebook livestream with cofounders, Paul and Jeff. Hear the latest news about The Shape of Water, Fox Searchlight, Pitch Elevator, Wefunder Closing, Legion Midnight, Mandy, and much more!

32:16 – Total Length in Minutes              

Table of Contents                                                                                   

0:00 – Paul and Jeff start to rock n roll                      

0:52 – The Shape of Water shaping up nicely

1:40 – Fox Searchlight and Legion M partnership possibilities??

3:35 – Special Guest Moderator Announced for the post-screening Q&A

6:20 – Pitch Elevator update and Live Development meeting mishaps

8:15 – eShares/Carta update with some hanging Chads.

11:00 – Big News Announcement! What Time Is It?

12:45 – A discussion of the Midnight Movie tradition

15:20 – Introducing the first film for Legion Midnight category

18:00 – MANDY storyline and music score

19:35 – SpectreVision relationship and Elijah Wood

20:50 – How hard is it to get in to Sundance?

22:10 - Q&A from comment posts

23:40 - How we really use your money to invest

24:40 - Get your photo submitted for the mosaic credit title

26:35 - Find out what Paul really feels good about

29:00 - Will we get DVD credit in the film?

29:50 - How to get free popcorn and poster

31:20 - Book Club shindig announcement

32:16 – End