Business Time with Paul and Jeff

Join us Live this Tuesday, 11/28/17 at 2:00pm PT for the latest updates directly from cofounders, Paul and Jeff over at our Legion M Facebook page. Get the latest news about The Shape of Water, Fox Searchlight, Pitch Elevator, Wefunder Closing and a special new film category announcement. Watch from the comfort and privacy of your home. Pants optional.

The below table of contents outlines where in the livestream you can find information on your most pressing questions.  Note that the livestream counts down backwards from total length, so the number listed is where in the total length you can find that information.  Clicking on the counter clock in the video screen will adjust the timer to count forward.

32:16 – Total Length in Minutes              

Table of Contents                                                                                   

0:00 – Paul and Jeff start to rock n roll                      

0:52 – The Shape of Water shaping up nicely

1:40 – Fox Searchlight and Legion M partnership possibilities??

3:35 – Special Guest Moderator Announced for the post-screening Q&A

6:20 – Pitch Elevator update and Live Development meeting mishaps

8:15 – eShares/Carta update with some hanging Chads.

11:00 – Big News Announcement! What Time Is It?

12:45 – A discussion of the Midnight Movie tradition

15:20 – Introducing the first film for Legion Midnight category

18:00 – MANDY storyline and music score

19:35 – SpectreVision relationship and Elijah Wood

20:50 – How hard is it to get in to Sundance?

22:10 - Q&A from comment posts

23:40 - How we really use your money to invest

24:40 - Get your photo submitted for the mosaic credit title

26:35 - Find out what Paul really feels good about

29:00 - Will we get DVD credit in the film?

29:50 - How to get free popcorn and poster

31:20 - Book Club shindig announcement

32:16 – End