Introducing Legion Midnight

Midnight Movies Molten Steel-Final.jpg


Legion Midnight is an important part of Legion M's diversified slate of film, TV, digital, interactive and VR content. Specifically targeted at fans who crave experiences off the beaten path. Legion Midnight puts a big, blazing red M on highly creative, boundary-pushing projects that challenge established norms with their own brand of artistry.  Legion Midnight embraces projects that some find dark, offbeat, or even strange -- projects that empower filmmakers to innovate and that attract loyal and passionate followings.

Legion M is committed to ensuring that we always have a broad project portfolio spanning many genres of entertainment, especially those that engender a strong fan base. Legion Midnight films won't appeal to everyone (this is ART after all--how boring would it be if we all liked the same thing!), but we believe they have the potential to become successful cult favorites providing a lifetime of financial returns. Our hope is for Legion Midnight to help foster the next generation of Kubriks, Tarantinos and Lynches to create films with the potential to become cult classics like: Mad Max, Donnie Darko, Drive, Evil Dead, Memento, Grindhouse, Nightcrawler, Clockwork Orange, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Brick, Black Swan, Looper, The Witch, Night of the Living Dead, or Pink Floyd: The Wall.

Mandy Page, UpdatesLegion M Team