Facebook Live Update - 12/13/17

Business Time with Paul and Jeff

Recap from Wednesday, 12/13/17's Facebook livestream with cofounders, Paul and Jeff. Hear the latest about Terri's promotion, MANDY at Sundance, a new Sponsorship Program, an epic Shape of Water screening, and our next Book Club special guest. 

23:36 – Total Length in Minutes              

Table of Contents                                                                                   

0:00 – Paul and Jeff are immortalized at Rooftop                     

0:40 – Terri Lubaroff announces candidacy for US President (and gets promoted!)

3:15 – Community shout out!

4:08 – MANDY is selected for Sundance!!!

6:45 – Jeff talks Sponsorship Program

8:00 – Name that tune in the background playing?

8:43 – Paul reveals, How to make a million dollars?

9:58 – Slack channel for lodging during Sundance

10:25 – The Last Jedi Opening Night Premiere Tickets Available

11:33 – The Shape of Water Screening Recap

15:25 – Book Club announcement for December: 10 Cloverfield Lane

18:26 – Quick Pitch Elevator update and other development slate

21:20 - Q&A from comment posts

23:36 – End