MANDY is selected for Sundance!

Legion Midnight film MANDY gets into Sundance for its World Premiere!


Holy smokes! The very first title in our Legion Midnight slate has been selected as the opening night premiere at Sundance in none other than the Midnight category! This is not only great news for the film but the icing on the cake for our overall Sundance plans which were already going to be epic. 

When we made our investment in MANDY, we knew that getting into Sundance might be a possibility, but the timing for submissions was tight (meaning we'd have to submit a rough cut) and we didn't want to get our hopes up. Sundance is the premiere independent film festival in the world - statistically speaking it's easier to get into Harvard! Beating those odds with a rough cut isn't just kick ass, it is freaking amazing and we should all be proud. And if you haven't already, get your plans together to be there with us when we join our partners SpectreVision, Nic Cage and the entire MANDY team to put a Legion M sized dent in Sundance.

Check out this awesome infographic about Sundance and the selected films: