A Colossal Announcement

Big news today, as Paul and Jeff officially announced Legion M's investment in COLOSSAL. We are teaming up with our creative ally Tim League, his partner Tom Quinn and their brand-new distribution company NEON to bring this brilliant movie to market.

COLOSSAL starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis, represents so much of what Legion M is all about. It's a talented, up-and-coming director (Nacho Vigalondo) creating the sort of movie that's almost impossible for Hollywood to produce these days. It represents a fresh, imaginative idea, fascinating characters, and brilliant acting. And KAIJU!!!

Watch the Facebook Live recording of the announcement and check out the movie trailer below. Be sure not to miss the Legion M logo at the very end! COLOSSAL will be in theaters on April 7th in LA, NYC and Austin, with a wider release the following weekend. Let's show the world how Legion M can help make this movie a COLOSSAL success!

Jeff Annison