Member Email Update 2/22/17

Wow, the last several weeks have been a blur and we are overdue for an in-depth email update on all the amazing progress we’ve made. If you’re not in the members only Facebook group, brace yourself for some freaking awesome news and please accept our apologies in advance for the long read…we’ve been busy!

Colossally cool news! We are t-minus 43 days from the opening for Legion M’s very first theatrical release…introducing Nacho Vigalondo’s wildly imaginative Colossal starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. Announced just last week, Legion M is teaming up with our creative ally Tim League and his partner Tom Quinn and their brand-new distribution company NEON to bring this brilliant movie to market.

Colossal represents so much of what Legion M is all about. It's an amazing, up-and-coming director creating the sort of movie that's almost impossible for Hollywood to create these days. It represents a fresh, creative idea, amazing characters, and brilliant acting. And KAIJU!!!

This is the first step in our very exciting relationship with Neon and this film represents the type of movies we want to see more of, and be a part of. We're excited to be taking a first step with the team at Neon, and are ready to show the world how Legion M can help make this movie a Colossal success!

If you haven’t already, please check out the trailer and be sure not to miss the Legion M logo at the very end! Colossal will be in theaters on April 7th in LA, NYC and Austin, with a wider release the following weekend (details coming soon). Needless to say, we are busy working up some epic Legion M meet-ups around the country to coincide with the release, so please stay tuned for more details. 

Getting in Touch with our Evil Side! Just prior to the Colossal news, we announced another project investment in Field Guide to Evil where Legion M is taking on the Executive Producer role alongside Christos V. Konstantakopoulos (Before Midnight, The Lobster) and Keith and Jess Calder (Anomalisa, Blair Witch, You’re Next). 

Field Guide to Evil is a global anthology of dark folklore from around the world. The brainchild of producers Ant Timpson (Turbo Kid, The Greasy Strangler) and Alamo Drafthouse CEO/Founder Tim League (ABCs of Death), the film will feature eight terrifying tales from eight of the world’s most exciting new voices in international filmmaking.

This project not only offers a high potential for financial success (Horror being one of the best genres to monetize), but we also like that it is showcasing up and coming voices from around the world, has incorporated equity crowdfunding to help get the word out and could represent an ongoing series. For more information about the project and why we believe in it, check out the Legion M Projects Page

Face to Face with Stan Lee and Kevin Smith! In case you’ve been living under a rock, on Jan 26, 2017, we shot the pilot episode of ICONS: Face to Face with the legendary Stan Lee in his home. This project has come together better than we could have ever imagined. Not only were we able to interview Stan Lee in his home, we also had the illustrious Kevin Smith there to do the interview and we even got to interview Stan’s wife of 70 years Joan. We pulled out all the stops on the technology side as well, shooting the interview with state of the art technology, up close and personal with the absolutely highest resolution specifically engineered to meet the threshold of human perception. 

Needless to say, it was a glorious day for Legion M and a massive step forward for our ICONS VR Interview series. We have not yet announced a distribution partner for this series, but with the pilot episode now shot, we are very confident that this project will soon take on a life of its own and create lasting value for Legion M.  

SEC Pen-pals. In a previous update (Dec), we shared the news that we had submitted our initial filing for the upcoming Reg A+ round of investment and a few weeks ago, we got a response back from the SEC. What a relief! They came back with only a few minor comments and expected requests. We spent the next few weeks finishing up our materials and on Friday Feb 17, 2017, we responded back to the SEC with our updates and we should be hearing from them in the next few weeks. With the ball back in the SEC’s court, we are shifting into the next phase for Legion M and excited to start growing the legion again. If all goes well, we will be opening up the round on March 13, 2017 and will be counting on all of you to help spread the word. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more information on how you can help. 

Latest Storefront Gear. In addition to our various t-shirt styles, we have now started the official sports line with hockey sweaters in honor of Kevin Smith's favorite team colors. Pick your favorite team color in Blue/Orange or Black/Red. These are fully customized jerseys with your own name on the back and your favorite number. We also released our classic Legion M soft enamel lapel pins. A great accessory to add to your clothing and apparel. See all the latest in our Company Store. We will continue to add new products every month.

Business Time Facebook Live. Join us today at 12 pm pacific time for more general updates on Legion M business. We will answer your questions live and keep everyone up to date on what's happening.

Thank you once again to each and everyone of you for all your amazing support. We are very excited how far we’ve come together with this great community and even more excited about the opportunities and growth ahead.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email us at, post us a note on Facebook, write topics in our forum, etc. 

Onward and Upward,

Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison
Cofounders, Legion M


PS: If you haven't already, please join the members-only Legion M Facebook group and our Investors Forum. We've got a great community developing, and it's the first place we post any new announcements, polls and updates. We'd love to see you there!

Paul Scanlan