Stargate My Heart! (Part One)



Thursday at SDCC was my self-proclaimed Stargate Day.

Okay, I'm going to get real personal right now and let you into a piece of my life.

Stargate has a very special place in my heart. When I first started dating my son's daddy Steve, he introduced me to Stargate, and we always watched it together. We loved Stargate SG-1 and watched it every week religiously. Our conversations often consisted of debating certain theories, time lines, etc., and I would tease him that I knew more about it than he did. It became our show.

When SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis both ended, we were majorly bummed out. So when the studio announced that the new show Stargate Universe would be coming, we were overjoyed that gate travel was continuing on in some way. We loved Universe, and when it ended 2 seasons later, I was online with others from all over the world campaigning to save the show.

When I was pregnant, we joked that our baby would come out knowing the Stargate theme songs. Sadly, in 2014 when our son was 4 years old, Steve passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I hadn't watched an episode or heard the theme songs since, even though I still display all the box sets on my mantle above the fireplace. After his death, I commissioned an artist to create an image of Steve walking through the gate with the words, “The Stars Await.” It is beautiful and represents his new journey into the stars.


You may be asking where this is going.

Last fall, Legion M reached out to the members to see if there were any Stargate fans. I about hit the roof in excitement. I couldn't contain myself. It was as if someone told me Richard Dean Anderson was outside my door. How could I be so lucky to be an investor and now they are asking about Stargate!? I was full of questions that couldn't be answered. What's going on? Is there something new with Stargate happening? Is Legion M involved? Does it have anything to do with the upcoming Stargate Trilogy? A bunch of us started sharing our “Stargate Stories” in the Legion M Forums and getting to know each other even more, but the topic slowly faded after word spread that the new Stargate trilogy had been nixed.

Fast forward to this summer. Legion M announced that there was going to be a Stargate panel at SDCC and our very own Damian Beurer was co-hosting the panel! Damian! I know Damian, and he's hosting the panel?!? Gasp! I went into fangirl mode all over again. MGM was going to be making some kind of announcement at the panel. I was at a loss for words. All I knew was I HAD to be there. However, my excitement was about to explode even more. Not to long afterwards, an announcement was made that Legion M was co-hosting, along with MGM, a Stargate SG-1 20th Anniversary party. Was it a dream? Was this really happening? Fellow Legion M investor, Ryan Nixon, owner of Stitches Loft, and fellow Stargate extraordinaire, contacted me and was kind enough to help me assemble a SG-1 uniform, which he mailed out to me from New York. This right here is an example of the power of the Legion M family coming together. I was ready to do my first cosplay! I couldn’t wait. SDCC couldn’t get here fast enough.