Legion M Panel at Comic Con with Stan Lee, Adam Savage and Felicia Day



The most important item on my Friday SDCC agenda was the Stan Lee panel with Legion M. When I got to the convention center, I headed straight to the room and was pleasantly surprised to find a seat in the second row next to Michelle. We sat through 2 panels waiting for Stan Lee and Legion M! It was finally time for the Stan Lee/Legion M panel, and we found other Legion M members now sitting around us. Unfortunately, some members were stuck in the line to get in. We heard that the line was all the way outside and had over a thousand people in it. Holy crap! Too bad we weren't in Hall H! The panel consisted of Jeff Annison (Legion M Co-Founder), Adam Savage (Mythbusters), actress Felicia Day, and of course Stan Lee. Rob Prior was standing behind Stan doing LIVE art throughout the panel.

The panel was fantastic. One of my favorite parts was when Jack Kirby's granddaughter told Stan she grew up hearing stories about him from her grandfather. She asked Stan what it was like to work with him, and after Stan told his story, she went up onstage and took at photo with him. It was bittersweet, as her grandfather would have turned 100 this year.

Legion M showed a quick clip of the ICONS virtual reality project they have finished with Stan Lee. The teaser left everyone in the room wanting more. Then the tribute video for Stan that was shown at his birthday bash was also played. The panel was a huge success.

After the panel, I went out into the hallway to see people taking pictures with the large Stan Lee poster art that was made for the celebrations earlier in the week. I heard someone telling their family member to get in the picture with the artist. Gasp! I looked right at him and asked, “Are you Paul Shipper?” He nodded yes! Guess who was the next person hopping over for a picture? Yep, you guessed it, me! This man's art is spectacular.


I followed some Legion M execs down the hallway, and they went into the green room. I stayed at the door being blocked by security and kept peeking in. Jeff saw me on my tippy-toes, walked over and brought me in. Yes! I walked in and saw artist Rob Prior with his art he just finished onstage and then noticed a group of people I know standing on the other side of the room. I make my way over and see a woman sitting on a blanket on the floor with her baby, but didn't take a good look to see who it was. I'm listening to Legion M staff talking and glance down at the lady. It was Felicia Day! She was feeding her baby! I instantly look away so she doesn't see me staring at her or see my eyes popping out of my head. I swear I was fangirling so hard inside, but on the outside, I was holding it in. “Breathe Meri, breathe. You're with Legion M, be professional,” I kept telling myself. I really wanted to say hi but didn't want to bother her while she was feeding her baby. I have manners after all!

We all hung out until Legion M left the room, and I ended up getting a photo with Rob Prior, the awesome live art artist!

Starving, some friends and I headed over to the Cheesecake Factory. Leesha, Shao, Michelle, Matan, Terri P and I shared good conversation, food and drinks. Believe me, we needed it.

Afterwards, Leesha and I showed up to the Legion M Mixer with TheOneRing.Net folks early. We people watched or should I say cosplay watched until the mixer started. The mixer was wonderful. Some folks new to the Legion showed up, as well as hobbits, elves, and of course, our favorite Legion M execs. We all mingled and enjoyed “second lunch.”

I finally put two and two together and realized that Clare was sitting across from me. She works with Legion M and does international relations. I'd seen her online, but it was just now clicking in my head that it was her. How silly of me! I'd seen her since the Stan Lee celebrations! Paul Shipper was there too! I slyly asked him if he had a sharpie. When he started to hand it to me I handed him my Stan Lee lanyard and asked him to sign it. Ha! Got you Paul! ;) Soon he was signing lanyards and buttons for everyone. I borrowed Clare's sharpie and walked around and had all the Legion M execs sign my copy of Variety that features Legion M and the Stan Celebrations. I have all but one signature. I'm looking at you David Baxter!