Finding My Confidence With Buffy



Saturday was a brand-new day, and a lot of us went to the Cosplay with Confidence panel to support Legion M's panelist David Baxter, along with Ivy DoomKitty, who baked Stan Lee's birthday cake.

The panel was very motivating. They encouraged people to cosplay and not be afraid of what others might think. They talked about the challenges they faced prior to cosplay and if those challenges still affected them with their cosplay today. They talked about how the cosplay community is about transforming yourself into a character without fear. The true community is supportive of each other no matter what their gender, body size, race or disability. The message was that there will be haters anywhere, but be comfortable with who you are, put on that cosplay and walk the floor! Many people left encouraged to try cosplay for the first time.

Saturday night was the long-awaited Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20th Anniversary Party, hosted by Legion M and 20th Century Fox.

This party was off the hook and packed! Buffy fans galore. I admit I'm familiar with the show but never really watched it. Shhh… don't tell anyone, it's a secret!

I enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up, and the decorations were amazing. There was even a 20th Anniversary Buffy cake! The photo booth had many visitors, and I don't remember how many times I took photos on the carpet! Every time you tweeted #BuffySlays20 you earned a cute little spell bottle. There was a costume contest, some sing-a-long contests, and everyone was there, including special guest Clare Kramer – who played Glory on Buffy -- mingling with fans, doing interviews and posing for photo ops!

I admit even though this party was not my fandom, the party was amazing. How can you not have fun with your best friends, Legion friends, and the many cosplayers we interacted with? I'm talking about you, Flash! My bestie, Joe, is talking about you, Jane Cobb! Did you know that the couple that cosplays Rick Grimes and Michonne (Brandenn and Jill), are Legion M investors? They won the Walking Dead Fan contest last year and appeared on the Talking Dead. I ran into them at the Buffy party while handing out Legion M and Stan Lee swag.

This party made it apparent that the Buffy fandom does not mess around, they mean business! After the party was over, a group of us went out for pizza to finish off the night.

Clare Kramer.jpg