A Magician and The Doctor Walk into a Bar



Sunday was my last day in this dream world. We started the day at the Legion M Breakfast in a new hotel downtown. My roomie Leesha and I were the first to arrive. While sitting at our table, Leesha kicks me under the table! She had spotted what she believed to be an actor on one of her favorite shows, and she was right! There was a Magician sitting across from us. Yes, they made eye contact and Leesha waved! Haha. There was massive fangirling at our table, and on his way out, Jason Ralph, who plays Quentin Coldwater on Syfy's The Magicians, stopped and exchanged pleasantries with Leesha and took pictures with us. More people began arriving for breakfast and it was nice to see people that I hadn't met yet.


After breakfast, I hugged Lessha goodbye and took off on my own for Hall H. Fortunately, I was able to walk right in with no waiting. I watched the Dirk Gently panel while waiting for the Doctor Who panel. My heart – how happy it was to see the Doctor and the rest of the cast in person! The Christmas special! Oh my! It's going to be a must see! During the week, I also managed to squeeze in “Anything Goes with John Barrowman.” Fortunately, I got there early enough with my Legion M friend Michelle for a decent seat. John's show (or Captain Jack as I lovingly refer to him) was spectacular and so was his TARDIS dress! God I love that man and everything he stands for.


A short walk later to an Uber, and I was off to the airport. My week-long ultimate vacation had come to a close. I sat in the airport in awe of everything I had just experienced. There was no wiping the smile off my face or out of my heart. I will never forget the time shared with my lifelong friends Joe and JonJon, and my amazing Legion M crew. I feel a strong connection to the Legion M team, whether they know it or not. Seriously, I look up to and admire everyone on the executive team, fellow investors, and members. When we are all together, it feels like I'm with friends I have known for years. It feels like family. I've heard some of the others say the same thing. I love these people! We all have an amazing time together and have common goals.

The most important goal is to help the Legion grow and have fun!

Together we ARE Legion M!

Now that I've been home, I'm missing all the fun we had. My Legion friend Jonny told me he calls that the SDCC Blues, but I'm pretty sure I have the Legion M Withdrawal Blues.

Until next time, Onward and Upward.