Virtual Viewing Parties

There's no denying that movies are best enjoyed with good company. That's why, since time immemorial, nerds far and wide have huddled together en masse to see their favorite films at midnight releases with hundreds of other nerds in cinematic theatres across the world. But then again, it's pretty hard to beat watching movies from the comfort of your own living room, sitting on the couch in your underwear with a bag of potato chips and a two liter bottle of soda. 

So how can we have the best of both worlds? Legion M has the answer: a virtual viewing party.

Every month, Legion M hosts an online event that allows members from all over the world to watch a movie together virtually. It combines the fun of watching movies with friends and the luxury of not having to put on pants or leave your house. With a shared and synced movie screen, fans can watch films and television together while chatting about it (if they so choose) in a text box alongside the screen. The best part? It's totally free.

Matan Goldstein, a Legion M member and investor, is the brains behind the idea. "The point was to incorporate Legion M's mission, Opening the Gates to Hollywood, in a fun event that brings people together." His concern was that many members and investors live in small towns and remote places that don't give them access to many of the Legion M meet ups, events, or film festivals. "This is one way we can bring them in, create connections between members, and just enjoy each other's company."

Because Legion M is a media company that focuses on films, TV series, and VR, many members and investors are industry professionals and enjoy discussing the various aspects of film-making. Watching movies together and providing a chat room for discussion during or after the film allows us to provide our unique perspective with one another. "We can see what writers thought about the script, what composers thought about the music, what visual effects artists thought of the special effects," Goldstein says. "It allows us to share our different perspectives and hear what people in the industry think of the movies in that respect."

Legion M member Kyle Langenbach explains further, “The LM viewing party was a lot of fun. Interacting with fellow members while virtually watching the film together in real time is the next best thing to watching in a group in the same room. And in some ways it’s actually better. You don’t have to shhh people from talking and ruining your favorite magical moments. It’s a text feed. Problem solved… And that adds to the viewing experience, since the comments can be super insightful, provocative or just pretty damn funny!"

The virtual viewing parties also allow members and investors to connect over favorite genres and have discussions about the kinds of films we might want to make or invest in as a company. The more we share our viewpoints on TV and film with one another, the more we begin to see where our commonalities lie, and the vision for Legion M can begin to take shape.

Legion M - September Virtual Viewing Party - Fantastic Beasts.png

These events can be hosted by anyone in the Legion, as well. "If someone thinks we're watching too many sci-fi films," Goldstein adds, "they can take the reins and host their own viewing room with a different genre." This ensures that no member is left out in the cold with their picks for television and movies, and everyone can access their favorite genres as well as explore new ones they might not have considered before. 

The virtual viewing parties are held on the second weekend of each month. Details for specific viewing parties can be found on the Legion M forum in the "Community Events-Projects-Clubs" subforum, and on the Legion M – Members Only Facebook group. The next scheduled event will take place at 1pm PDT on Saturday October 14, 2017, on

"The Legion M viewing party idea is well thought-out and gives a fresh perspective on who we are as a fan-based company. It amazed me to see complete strangers can come together, interact and have a great time, while watching a fan-favorite movie is an extraordinary experience that provides an unique synergism which adds value to the Legion M company!"  -Lea J.

"What an amazing experience, to be able watch a movie with your friends and have full text conversations without disturbing the peace."  -Shao Lopez

Michelle P. Carter