Snow Sucks! But Legion M is Awesome

I went to Sundance for the first time this year, and the experience was love/hate. But the hate
had nothing to do with the festival itself.

This California native does not understand snow, how to deal with snow, or the people who
make the conscious choice of living in snow. My girlfriend Michelle and I had to not only buy an entire new wardrobe days before leaving for Sundance, but we also had to learn the hard way how ineffectual southern California outlets are at preparing patrons for winter climates. Snow sucks! A lot!

This was my first real trip into the depths of snow hell. I have been in snow before, but it’s a
whole other realm of insanity when it’s falling from the freaking sky like shards of glass to your face, with a wind chill of absolute zero (I’m no meteorologist , but it was probably negative a thousand). One thing I forgot to do was to buy boots. Let me tell you, if you don’t bring boots during a snowstorm, you will fall on your face. And that is exactly what I did. I was doing such a great job at holding my balance up until the last hour of my trip. At 4:30 in the morning on Monday, I got out of the Uber and WHAM! Gave my hip a nice taste of the Utah icy asphalt. Did I mention that snow sucks?

But enough about that! The festival itself was filled with amazing food, drinks, movies, and
people! Michelle and I had the pleasure to stay at the Legion M Lounge for a majority of our trip, helping out as well as relaxing and watching incredible live interviews of this year’s film selection. We got to eat an amazing variety of pizza from Red Banjo while enjoying complimentary drinks from our incredible beverage sponsors. But the highlight of it all was eating churros from the San Diablo Artisan Churros stand. They even had an option for crickets atop any churro. It was insanely good! I swear, I think they put some kind of love potion in the churros. There’s a candid photo online somewhere of Michelle and I looking dreamily at the vendors.

The Sundance experience is an absolute must. I had so much fun, like watching Mandy (the
movie that Legion M invested in) with fellow Legion M members, and boy was it trippy and crazy. The talent at the Legion M lounge were all really amazing, and some stayed to chat and take pictures with fans. Manu Bennett was genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and he absolutely loves Legion M and the idea behind it. One of the best parts for me was to be able to help run the Twitch livestream for those who didn’t get to come to Sundance. I was able to chat and hangout with our viewers all day Sunday, fielding their questions for the talent and crew and chatting with them about all the content Legion M provided. It was truly an amazing experience.

Thank you Sundance and thank you Legion M.