Sundance Stories - Jerry and Iris

Going to Sundance has always been a dream of ours. And as investors of Legion M, and a Legion M film to promote (Mandy), this was the perfect opportunity for us to attend. What an amazing experience. Upon arriving at Park City, Utah, we went directly to the Legion M Lounge where we were warmly greeted and fed pizza and beers from Red Banjo Pizza (the venue Legion M rented out). In the next 30 minutes we met legendary film historian Leonard Maltin.

As we headed out for a bit to walk the streets of Park City in the falling snow, we bumped into film star Hillary Swank… and over the course of our stay, we caught sightings of other stars. Very exciting to be in a place where many celebrities were walking around with us!

But the real thrill of being here was that we were a part of something bigger than us. People who were promoting their films, as well as directors, videographers, and other people in the film industry would come and talk to us. We’d do our best to brief them on what Legion M was and try to direct them to the people they needed to talk to. And to meet other Legion M members was truly a joy as so many members were open and friendly with us and we were all here for a common goal; supporting Legion M. The weather was a challenge at times but we truly had a great experience.

Look forward to attending Sundance 2019 and representing Legion M once again!

Jerry and Iris Lustan