YOUR FACE SHOULD BE ON THE BIG SCREEN! Legion M Investors in the Credits for Mandy

This Legion M photomosaic (click to enlarge) is included in the end credits of Mandy, which premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

Imagine sitting in Sundance Film Festival’s iconic Library Theater with dozens of your fellow Legion M members. You’re properly dressed to combat the cold Utah winter—rocking a Legion M beanie and scarf, of course.  Mandy, our first Legion Midnight film, is making its debut at the world’s most popular independent film festival, and you are front and center to take it all in.  You can cut the anticipation with a knife, and there is a palpable buzz in the packed theater.  You find yourself sitting just a few rows away from Mandy’s star Nicolas Cage and its provocative director Panos Cosmatos, a sense of pride washing over you as the lights dim.

Legion M investor Ramona Snyder took this picture of the photomosaic from her seat at the premier of Mandy.

The film flashes across your eyes.  The epic chainsaw battle is underway, the same scene depicted in the badass pre-production art Panos shared exclusively with the Legion a week prior.  Mandy ends, the credits roll, and the Legion M photo mosaic appears for the first time ever on the big screen!  A roar of cheers and applause comes from the Legion.  Reality sets in - you played a part in this historic moment!

We are stoked to reveal the Legion M photo mosaic from Mandy with the rest of the world.  Photo mosaics -where thousands of individual photos are combined to create something greater than themselves - perfectly symbolize what makes our company so incredibly unique. It’s the combined power of nearly 30,000 passionate and active members (as of this writing) that makes it possible for us to invest in groundbreaking films like Mandy.  We represent this power in everything we do, including our production logo featuring images of Legion M members from around the world.

The Legion M photo mosaic will change over time, with new members added as we grow.  Haven’t uploaded your photo yet?  It’s easy and free to do for all Legion M members.  Just login to the Legion M member portal (check your welcome email if you can't remember the top secret password) and upload your photo today!  

Mandy's Sundance debut was a thrilling moment for all of us, but it’s just the beginning.  We know there will be other moments across film, television, digital and VR where our Legion M photo mosaic logo will proudly appear. Will you be a part of it?