Exclusive MANDY Viewing Party Boxes Available!

Legion M’s new film Mandy comes out in less than a week, and you’re in a panic. There are no Legion M meetups near you, nor are there any theatres in a hundred mile radius showing the movie. So what can you do? Well...

You don’t need no stinkin’ theatres – you can BE the theatre!

Head over to Legion M's Official Mandy Merch page to get your exclusive MANDY “Party In A Box” and host your own viewing party in the comfort of your own home. Mandy releases on VOD the same day as it hits theatres (September 14th), so you don't have to miss out. It’s simple – just buy or rent Mandy on iTunes (or other platform) and invite all your friends and family over to watch the film together. 

MANDY viewing party box

The box comes with four movie still mini posters, four temporary tattoos, four party coasters, one super exclusive Cheddar Goblin beanie and a box of Cheddar Goblin mac and cheese (all this will make sense after you've seen the film!), a free track download for 4 guests from the Mandy soundtrack, plus fun party tips and Mandy-themed drink recipes and 20% off all Mandy merch for your guests. And if you need more posters, coasters, or tattoos, you can add more with the party expansion pack to make sure all your guests are taken care of.

Of course, this isn't an either/or situation. You can host a home viewing party even if you're already going to a meetup or seeing the film at a theatre. There's no wrong way to see this film! (Except for pirating. Please don't do that.)

If you have any questions, you can always email meetups@legionm.com. You don't need to set up a meetup for your home viewing party, but we're happy to answer any questions you might have and get you going.

No matter how you see this film, we want you to take lots of photos to share online and have fun!